Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nursing Home

So today i was back to one of my favorite places in the world! Lexington Nursing Home! i had a blast talking to my crazy friends there and i cant wait to go there even more this summer.
One of my friends there is Ester, she was always such a mean person until about 2 months ago when i went up and talk to her and ever since then i always make sure to visit her she is very funny and says the craziest things but today i met her husband and her gave me a thank you card and wrote in it "you brighten up my wife's life,she wasn't doing so well but it seems that after she met you she just lit up and she always look forward to seeing you its what keeps her going, thanks for being there when i couldn't be i don't know what she would do with out you" i almost cried i felt so good about myself because that's why i go their i want to make them feel good because i couldn't imagine living there it can get so boring and dull and ass you all know i love to be around people and socialize so i just want to be their for them. it made my day and my week and my month i will never forget it. its these kinds of memories that make a person who they are and it for sure makes me a different person every time i go. today's visit felt like a movie Ester told me i shouldn't leave and i had to explain to her i would back next week and then when i went upstairs i got my usual lottery ticket from my other friend Angie and even though it wasn't a winner she still gives it to me and tells me to turn it in but the last 4 lottery tickets she gave me i saved because i think that is one of those things that in like 10 years ill pull out and be like WOW i remember helping those people and it will cheer me up! I think that everyone should give those old folks a chance they can really crack you up and teach you allot about life.

Today one lady today said to her friend that getting old isn't fun and the other lady said its better then the alternative. meaning that yeah getting old sucks but at least they are still alive and i really got thinking about that i mean that really shows you that you better start living life because your last day could be now and you cant put stuff off do it now!

(by the way sorry for being so inspirational and shit but i really felt touched after today)


  1. that's really awesome, Tyler. You're really doing a lot for those people, especially because a lot of them just don't think to write thank you notes but really feel that way. You are making a big difference, and that's the coolest thing I've heard that anyones done this year or for a long time. You do have a gift for relating to all sorts of people, and I'm so glad that you're using it.
    Haha ok sorry I'm done. :)

  2. Thanks Claire its when people like you say this it makes me what to try eben harder.

    Also you need to tell Savannah about my blog she hasnt texted me back and i want her to read this. also tell anyone else you think would like this! Thanks for reading!