Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spelling Bee and 20/20

Last night I watched 3 great things The National Spelling Bee, which I would have never guessed was cool,Wipeout, which is always priceless, and 20/20 which was all about these kids who do i don't know what.

I have gained a new respect for all spelling bees. Last night I learned how much dedication those kids have, People are going to think I'm crazy and lame for thinking this is so awesome but i could care less. These kids deserve credit, they were middle school kids spelling words bigger then me, terribilita , nname a few, i was biting my nails the whole time and i felt so bad for them when they spelled it wrong you could see the disappointment in their faces. the only thing that i really didn't like was the fact that the host of the Bachelor co-hosted the Bee! What in the world has this guy done to deserve to host the frickin smartest kids ever!

There isn't much to say about Wipeout besides the fact that its HILARIOUS!!

20/20 was very disturbing last night. It was all about kids who do these crazy things things and how and why the parents let them, you had the normal boring inspirational shit about the 13 year old who climbed Mt. Everest with his Dad and the 13 year old bull fighter or the 16 year old who sails the world by herself blah blah blah until they start with the next kid Boe who is 7 years old.

When they began the coverage on this kid i was immediately shocked. they began with the interviewer Chris asking Boe a question about i don't remember what and Boe started explaining how he doesn't think Chris will go to heaven. and Chris asked why so Boe replies with "God hates all people on Earth." I was shocked! imagine this coming from a 7 year old kid, so Chris asks "who else doesn't get to go to heaven?" Boe says "Gays, Fags,Soldiers, and hundreds and hundreds of Jews" I couldn't believe my ears!!!

The Familys singing songs and holding up signs that read things like "robrate Jews! God hates you! and you know it!" or songs that said "God hates the world and all her people" I was still completely shocked I thought it was a joke! Then when they continued to show signs that said things like "God Hates Fags" i started to just get angry! When the Dad was asked if this was o.k. for him to be teaching his family he said "Well do you know how many parents teach their kids to jirate around like Brittany Spears" He was also asked what would happen if 7 year old Boe decided he didn't agree and his father said "I would tell him Bye" like get out of here and that's what he had already done to his oldest daughter when him and his wife kicked out their daughter for asking if what they were saying was appropriate she is never aloud near her little brothers and sisters again when Chris asked if he missed her  her father said "why would i miss her?"

This kind of stuff breaks my heart! I totally think everyone is aloud to have their own opinion and i don't care what you believe in because i know what I believe in and that's all i need but when you force these beliefs onto your children who are going to believe them because all children idealize their parents are going to turn into something that they didn't get to decide for. and i don't think its o.k. to force your beliefs at other people like that just because you believe something doesn't mean you have to make others agree with you and if these people want to believe the kind of bullshit that they are saying then i can tell you that i really want to be there when they get some sense knocked into them because i strongly believe that everyone is equal whether you are a  Homosexual or a Jew or a Soldier or Purple you are equal.

After that i need something to ease my nerves so enjoy this! (and it actually is 100% true the have pics) and i you see the ending she is actually crying awwww!! sorry i couldn't get the video up but if you just copy and paste this into the url you will be set but don't forget to come back to tell me your opinions about the crazy 20/20 last night i know its extra controversial so i want to hear your opinions!

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  1. Spelling bees are awesome! Except I usually can't take more than ten minutes of it because I get so nervous for them lol. I've never seen wipeout- I'll have to watch it sometime. A for 20/20, that makes me really angry, too. Who do they think they are? They seriously must be mentally insane, because what they're saying is total crap. What they were saying wasn't even like an opinion, it was a mindset that they were instilling into their kids. That's pretty dangerous.
    Chuy's amazing! :)