Friday, June 4, 2010

Carol Burnett

Well earlier i was asked who my favorite comedians where and i wanted to Explain in depth why they are my favorites so decided to talk about my absolute favorite person first. Carol Burnett. Carol is a actress, comedienne, singer, dancer and writer. She was one of the first women that had her own comedy show, it was similar to SNL, it was just a bunch of skits and singing and just good old fashioned fun! Her show "The Carol Burnett Show" started off in 1967, it won 25 Emmy awards and won or was nominated for an Emmy every season it aired.  She was one of the first women in the sixties to talk about politics the way she did and she also helped to put aside the stereotype that women served the men and in her skits she would always back talk her husband or whoever which was pretty much never seen on t.v. back then.
Here's a funny few (its hard to find to many cause they want you to buy them)

You have to remeber what time era this was too when you are watching these because the humor is alot diffrent and in my opinion better then todays humor.

Here's her last goodbye song on the finale it brings tears to my eyes.

I love her because her humor is so honest and I love her because she was a pioneer at what she did and without her there wouldn't be shows like SNL or Chelsea Lately that I love so much.(and her ear tug that she does at the end of every show for her grandmother is great)

T.V. Time

I love a great t.v. show but I also love to critique the hell out of one too. There are a few shows that weekly I will post about my favorites each week around the time they air and you can find out what I think of them.

Lets start with Glee (one of my favorites) I love glee but i feel like it really fell kinda flat this season anyone agree? there was too much of the same stuff and if they cant add new fresh drama like they were able to their first season I think they will lose alot of viewers.The season flew by though and Im disapointed because i dont see many big cliffhangers for next weeks season finale. But I cant hate too much I still love the show!

Heres next weeks sneak peak.(which i dont think tells us anything because its just them singing but whatever) Enjoy!!

I was browsing the web when I found...(1)

Well, I'm going to start this new thing called "I was browsing the web when i found..." I will put one of these new columns about once a week sometimes more sometimes less sometimes ill put up 1 cool thing other times ill put up 10.It will pretty much just be like cool videos or funny pics or whatever story I think is cool! I hope you enjoy!

I cant tell if I hate Russel Brand or if hes my hero. O.k. i decided hes my hero1 i think hes hilarios and i cant wait to go see his new movie "Give Him To The Greek" and Im very upset with myself that I havent sat down and read his book "My Booky Wooky" it's for sure on my reading list!

Thats all i got for you today maybe I'll "browse" for more later!

New Book

I just got done reading "Little Nuggets Of Wisdom" By Chuy Bravo. In case you don't know him he's from Chelsea Lately my favorite show of all time that I'm sure i will talk about alot in this blog. But anyway the book is really different its not a normal novel or anything its just what the title tells you it is,its filled with little "nuggets" of advice in life (not to be taken literally) i thought it was good but its definitely more of a coffee table book because its very easy to just flip through it.

Here's a little taste:

"Finance Nugget: Make extra cash on eBay. Nothing is more satisfying than unloading a moldy comic book on some nerd who spends his days beating his meat to a princess Leia action figure."

"Finance Nugget: Invest in hog farms. People love bacon. Sorry, PETA, but its fucking amazing."

"Family Nugget: It's okay to have sex with a relative as long as you use protection. No one wants to pay child support for some weird-ass mutant son-nephew."

The entire book is filled with this kind of crude inappropriate humor so prepare yourself!