Friday, June 4, 2010

New Book

I just got done reading "Little Nuggets Of Wisdom" By Chuy Bravo. In case you don't know him he's from Chelsea Lately my favorite show of all time that I'm sure i will talk about alot in this blog. But anyway the book is really different its not a normal novel or anything its just what the title tells you it is,its filled with little "nuggets" of advice in life (not to be taken literally) i thought it was good but its definitely more of a coffee table book because its very easy to just flip through it.

Here's a little taste:

"Finance Nugget: Make extra cash on eBay. Nothing is more satisfying than unloading a moldy comic book on some nerd who spends his days beating his meat to a princess Leia action figure."

"Finance Nugget: Invest in hog farms. People love bacon. Sorry, PETA, but its fucking amazing."

"Family Nugget: It's okay to have sex with a relative as long as you use protection. No one wants to pay child support for some weird-ass mutant son-nephew."

The entire book is filled with this kind of crude inappropriate humor so prepare yourself!


  1. He is absolutely hilarious. How popular was his book? If more people knew about it I think it would be a hit. Chelsea Handler is awesome, I think you should email her your blog!

  2. His book is doing o.k. but i dont think it got enough promotion Chelsea did do an interview with him and talked about it but i dont think it was enough! compared to her book that was on the New York Times best Seller List it cant match up but it was a good fun read.

    And i would love to email her my blog! once it gets goin i for sure will!
    thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!!

  3. That book sounds great! I definitely wanna flip though that. I haven't watched much of Chelsea Handler. Is there a reason you like her so much besides her comedy? Like does something make her stand out to you?
    Do you like any other comedians?

  4. I like her for many reasons and i was accutally going to make a seperate post for all the celebs i love and explain why but i'll give you a quick summary. Her humor is so honest and she really couldnt care less what people will think of her and i dont just say that because i know alot of people say that about people they like but if you watch her youll know what im talking about.

    As far as other comedians and t.v. show host the list goes on and on and Jay Leno, Conan O'brien, The Sklar Brothers, Whitney Cummings, Jen Kirkman, Dane Cook, Loni Love, Tina Fey, Seth Meyers, Andy Samberg, George Burns......the list goes on but my all time favorite Carol Burnett and you can expect a post about her soon!