Friday, June 4, 2010

T.V. Time

I love a great t.v. show but I also love to critique the hell out of one too. There are a few shows that weekly I will post about my favorites each week around the time they air and you can find out what I think of them.

Lets start with Glee (one of my favorites) I love glee but i feel like it really fell kinda flat this season anyone agree? there was too much of the same stuff and if they cant add new fresh drama like they were able to their first season I think they will lose alot of viewers.The season flew by though and Im disapointed because i dont see many big cliffhangers for next weeks season finale. But I cant hate too much I still love the show!

Heres next weeks sneak peak.(which i dont think tells us anything because its just them singing but whatever) Enjoy!!

1 comment:

  1. I completely agree! They didn't give us any cliffhangers, so I'm hoping it's still amazing and has some surprises for the finale.